“What even is the TFCrew?” That’s what you’re probably asking yourself out loud in whatever language you speak. Well the answer isn’t too straight forward, but I can try.

TFCrew is basically a group of people who really like Team Fortress 2. We want to see TF2 grow and succeed and just keep being the great video game it’s been for over a decade. So basically, we’re here to help with that.

The best part about the TFCrew is that it can be used for whatever we want it to be. Feel the need to check out some of the best TF2 content creators? We’ve got ‘em. Looking for a vanilla community server? We host ‘em. Interested in supporting a competitive TF2 team on their climb to the top? We've got that handled. In search of resources to get you started on mapmaking, source filmmaker, or listening to the most celebrated TF2 Podcast? We can check all of those off for you. And there’s still more on the horizon!

If you’re not on board just yet, I’ll just go ahead and be direct: the TFCrew is simply a creator conglomerate, a content aggregator, a sandbox platform, a solid jumping off point… for all things TF2.