Meet The Crew

Agro | Kritzkast

Born in the early stages of Team Fortress 2’s existence, KritzKast has held their podcast form since 2008. While the cast and crew have changed several times since those early heady days, the value they place on community has endured.
Since 2017, filling a void in the competitive scene, KritzKast has sort to provide coverage of European Highlander. Providing quality casting for EU UGC, ETF2L as well as various community and charitable endeavors. So long as there is Team Fortress 2 there will be KritzKast.


Casperr's been engrossed in the world of Team Fortress 2 since 2009 and loves to share his knowledge of TF2's lore, history and triva - as well as his skills and experience as a casual and competitive player - on his YouTube channel.
He loves producing the most creative and interesting content he can, so you can always expect something new and surprising when you check out his channel.


Freddie has been known to occasionally make Team Fortress 2 videos where the focus lies on the shenanigans and silly fun that the game offers rather than the competitive aspects. He also creates a lot of content outside of Youtube in the form of posters, GIFs and general memes which is presented on his Twitter.


KaimTime is mainly a TF2 Streamer, Competitive Player and High Tier Unusual Trader.
(Though we've heard he makes YouTube videos about trading sometimes too!)
He's got a welcoming community and streams every weekday @ ~1pm PST on twitch! Drop by to say hi!

Lady Stanger

Hiya! My name is Lady Stanger, most people just call me Lady. I am a TF2 streamer on Twitch. I love TF2 with a passion and have been playing since 2015. I main mostly Pyro, but I also love Medic and Engineer. I am a recent member to TFCrew and I am exited to see it grow and thrive within the community.


Hi, I'm medli and I like to draw sometimes. You may have heard of a video game called Team Fortress 2. I have heard of that game too; what a coincidence. When I'm not procrastinating, I'm usually doing boring grown-up things like taxes, as well as less-boring things like drawing fart jokes.


ScottJAw is a TF2 content creator known for his love of Scout and infinite disdain for Engies on Koth maps. He's the 5 time HORSE champeen, known for his clutch sentry jumps and affinity for playing Pyro...wait, what?

Sir Stanger

Hello! My name is Sir Stanger, I am a TF2 youtuber who makes live gameplay videos, as well videos that discuss controversial or or misunderstood topics in the community. I am a Spy main with a little bit of competitive experience and a whole lot of passion for videogames. I look forward to watching the community grow and change while I grow along side it!


UEAKCrash makes a da maps. As the creator of Probed and Moonshine event in game, as well as quite a few others not, there's a good chance you've played on something he's created. He also passes on that level design knowledge on his Youtube channel with his How to Make TF2 Maps series, as well as occasionally streaming level design or map testing on Twitch. He's a senior staff member over at When he's not in the TF2 world, he spends his time being a husband, and a dad.


XenoGene is a casual Spy main who thrives off of Jazz and Swing. He makes informative and comedic videos that are influenced and styled by movies and the culture of Hollywood's Golden Age.


Zapty is a creator, video maker, and... probably has something to do with that ominous shroud.
Stories set in the TF2 universe. (Original content too!)


Baritone (Duke)

A lazy creative mind with a sugar, caffeine and game addiction looking to be the best healer you've ever seen. I do graphic design for Dane and TFCrew.


Occasional social media guy and full-time indie music aficionado.


Ryan (Monkey) hosts the sites and servers that keep TFCrew going - He also maintains GameDirect, an official sponsor of TFCrew.


Two degrees worth of debt, but can create cool pictures, point cameras and make text move around!